Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Chiropractic Care

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What is NSA Care?

Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care refers to Chiropractors who utilize Network Spinal Analysis, a profound totally gentle and honoring way to evaluate and adjust the spine. The purpose of NSA is to allow restoration of proper nerve function for full health expression and peak performance. As nerve function and performance increase, most people note a decrease in pain, dysfunction, and other symptoms.

Isn't Chiropractic Care Just For My Spine?

When we have stress in our lives (physical, chemical, or mental-emotional), our neurospinal system accumulates tension. This tension starts to twist your nervous system, specifically your spinal cord, which is protected by your hard, bony spine. Your spinal cord is a superhighway connecting your brain and body, and all information traveling to and from your brain travels on this superhighway. It's the only way to get in and out of the city, aka the brain. Tension in the spinal cord is like having a wreck on a 6-lane highway, taking out one or more lanes. Like being stuck in traffic in your car, tension in your spinal cord dramatically affects the communication signals from your brain to your body and back again. You may notice these "traffic jams" of communication manifest in your body as tension in your shoulders, neck, low back, or other areas of your body. Sometimes people aren't even aware of how much tension they are carrying in their neurospinal system, or how deeply the tension is affecting their body, until they start receiving NSA care. In other words, they are so used to driving in one lane, that when all 6 lanes are opened back up, they notice a huge difference in their body!

What makes NSA unique and effective?

Network Spinal Analysis Care is a gentle, systematic, two-step method:

Step #1: Bringing Ease to Your Neuro-spinal System.

The first goal with NSA care is to introduce more ease into your nervous system by training your body to release tension in the soft tissues of the neuropsinal system. Soft tissues of the neurospinal system include the protective covering on the spinal cord (the dura mater), and all of the small and large muscles that help your spine move. By releasing the nervous system, that controls the soft tissue structures that can twist and pull and bind the spinal bones, we are able to see a huge difference! Once the nervous system is able to properly communicate with the rest of body, people experience more ease in their entire body- making it much easier to make changes to alignment issues.

Step #2: Tracking postural and structural changes in your neurospinal system

Because your nerves control your muscles, and your muscles move your bones, once your nervous system is functioning better, you will likely notice more ease in your muscles (less tightness). This makes it easier for you to move your neck and back (like when driving, sleeping, bending over to pick something up or tie your shoes, etc), as well as notice other changes in your body, such as greater ease with sleeping, breathing, digestion, and many other bodily functions. As you progress through care, you will also notice changes in your posture because your nerves are sending proper signals to your body telling it to sit and stand upright. Because of this two step process, the body is realigned with the most gentle, lightest force adjustments - with NO cracking sounds and NO (sometimes scary) twisting movements. Patients who have experienced NSA care quickly become loyal enthusiasts - it's unlike any Chiropractic care in Brookfield you've ever heard of before!

What Does It Feel Like?

NSA Chiropractic Care feels very different from standard Chiropractic Care. Because this technique deals directly with the nervous system, the pressure of the specific neurospinal contacts involved in realignment is on par with the pressure you can comfortably place on your closed eyelids!

How Long Does It Take?

As with all kinds of personal care, patient response to NSA Chiropractic can vary greatly - particularly based on the patient's health history. Some patients will see changes immediately, and most people start to feel symptom relief within the first four to eight weeks of care. Although people can start to feel better relatively quickly, most people choose to continue with care to correct the damage in their nervous system and body, and to meet their health and wellness goals. I help you clarify your goals before starting care. Generally speaking, the longer your neuro-spinal system and body have been neglected, the more severe and deeply-rooted your subluxations (also known as nerve interference or damage). Your lifestyle is also a key determining factor when considering how long it will take for your body to heal. I, Dr. Weidner , review all of these things in your first appointments to create a customized care plan to help you achieve your desired level of health. Once I have all the information, we talk about your options. It is important that you have all the information before you make a decision about receiving care. I am serious about you seeing results, and I track your progress every step of the way to make sure you are responding to care and we are working toward achieving your goals.

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